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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Refer MobileVantage, Get Paid!

MobileVantage is looking for referrals to potential clients. If you know of anyone who owns, manages, or has a decision-making role in a company, let them know about MobileVantage and get PAID BY US! If you successfully make a connection between another company and us, you stand to earn up to 20% of the final invoice. Obviously, this could be quite a substantial amount of money for you, with very little effort or time spent. Everyone knows someone who wants to pay less for their cell phone, and now it couldn't be easier to spread the word about the savings MobileVantage can offer. You’ll not only be helping the business you refer us to by saving them money, but you’ll also be helping us out too! So copy the form below, paste it into an email, fill it out, send it to, and connect your network to MobileVantage!

What is your name?

What is the name of the company you are referrring us to?

What is the name of your contact in this company?

Referred company description Please provide a BRIEF description of the company you are referring us to. How big are they? What industry are they in? Can you provide any information about their cell phone plans/use/costs?

Have you contacted the referred company to let them know about MobileVantage yet?
- Yes
- No

Your preferred method of payment If the connection comes to fruition, what method would you prefer to be paid in?
  • Credit Card
  • Personal Cheque
  • Cash
  • Barter (i.e. FREE MobileVantage services!)
  • Debit
  • Paypal
  • Other

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