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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

SAR Radiation How Worried Are You?

I worry about SAR radiation from my phone. (For more info on SAR check out However, there is so little information out there on the proven effects of SAR that its hard to know what theimpact will be on our generation of cell phone addicts. In my office we have no fewer than 5 mobile products including tablets, smartphones, blackberries and a 3G router. Naturally I feel my exposure is pretty high.

Phones like the Atrix and Bold 9000 are among the worst. ( Avoid calling when the signal is low too to limit your exposure because weaker signals mean a stronger SAR.

Its a wonder its taken this long for a company like Pong to come out of the woodwork but they are very impressive. Pong claims that they can reduce your SAR exposure by 95% below FCC limits. The do this by selling you a SAR protective case on your phone for the low price of $50USD. ( I suspect this company will do very well by playing off of consumers' natural suspicions and concerns.

Do you know your phone's SAR rating? It may be something to consider if you are a high user of your phone, don't use a headset or for guys... keep your phone in your pocket.

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