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Monday, September 12, 2011

The Limitations of Unlimited

Remember a couple years back when everyone was competing to be "Canada's Fastest Network"? And it seemed like everyone wanted to have the distinction of the most G's. And who's G's meant what?

Well in today's mobile world the new buzz word is "Unlimited" it seems. With the distinction of Unlimited coming to Public, Wind and Mobilicity, Rogers is trying to jump on to it as well. The difference being that Public, Wind and Mobilicity ACTUALLY have unlimited plans.

Lets compare Wind Mobile's Unlimited plan to Rogers' Unlimited Plan.

Wind Mobile's Genius Plan: $45.00
Unlimited Local Calling
Unlimited Long Distance in Canada
Unlimited Long Distance to the US
Unlimited Text Messaging in Canada
Unlimited Text Messaging to the US

Add Unlimited Blackberry data on there for $10.00

Total: $55.00

Now lets take Rogers's Unlimited Student Plan: $42.97

Unlimited Social Networking on Select Popular Sites
Unlimited Extreme Text Messaging
Unlimited 6pm Evenings and Weekends
Unlimited Picture and Video Messaging
Unlimited Music Downloads for one Year
150 Daytime Minutes
100 MB of Data

I love that Rogers sneaks in at the end after using no fewer than 5 "unlimited's" and one "extreme": 150 daytime minutes and 100 Mb of data.

Given that voice and data are the bulk of the plan these days its ridiculous to me that these two things are at the bottom of the plan and are so lacking. This is a plan that is designed to make you go over. And this is the fundamental difference between a company like a wind and a company like Rogers.

Rogers makes their money on overages. Wind doesn't.

So consider this before you sign up for gimmicky plans that use the word Unlimited and examine what is really being offered. Rogers for their part should be ashamed of what this is actually providing people with. I don't know what's worse, Rogers offering this knowing people will fall for it, or the people who will fall for it.

For those of you who are taking this Unlimited Student Plan, hit the books and don't use your phone.

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