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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Android Taking Over the World

Every time I stumble upon a new set of data depicting the Android's ever-increasing dominance in the global smartphone market, my jaw is left hanging around my pasty white ankles. Each figure is more impressive than the last, and it seems like each time I check out MobileSyrup, a new report is being released which discusses some statistical milestone the Android's market share just hit, or some global market the Android just took over. And as the current leading smartphone OS in the US and the world, I certainly wasn't surprised when I came across this Mashable report. It would appear that Android has surpassed the iOS, and is close to leapfrogging Nokia's Symbian as the top smartphone platform in Europe (at least among the EU5). What's particularly impressive about the Android's growing foothold of the European market is just how quickly the transformation is taking place. As of July 2010, Google was only the 5th most popular platform with a 6% share, behind Symbian (53.9%), Apple (19%), Microsoft (11.5%), and RIM (8%). But in only a year, they climbed 16.2 percentage points to now hold a 22.3% share of the EU5 smartphone market, which puts them in second place to Symbian's 37.8%. Symbian actually dropped 16.1 percentage points in this time period as well, and Mashable asserts it's because former Symbian users are giving up on Nokia and are making the switch to Google. If this trend continues, Google will soon have take the leadership share in Europe, and further cement their status as the Number 1 smartphone platform on the planet.



  1. Although with all the fuss over the iPhone 5's release, it's going to be interesting to see how that changes things. Will it help stop the Android's rise? Will we see Apple start to chip away at global market shares and get back in the fight for first place?