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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Worry Free Network.

Posted by: Ted Gorsline

Chat-R's new slogan of the worry free network probbaly couldn't be worse. I mean it could, if it invoked plasticine like men in wrestler underwear, but in terms of messaging- it couldn't be worse.

Here's why:

1) For starters what in sam heck does worry free mean. Does it mean I will always have service? Does it mean I can call and get good customer service? Does it mean bill consistency? Does it mean they can help me with my taxes and relationship advice? I'm worried about worry free from the start.

2) You can still leave your home zone with Chat-R AND pay. Which means You SHOULD worry. You should worry a lot. If you leave your home zone, well consider yourself pooched. You will incur hefty overages for not being in a Chat-R home zone.

3) Chat-R is owned by Rogers. So using a slogan like Worry Free, implies that other carriers make you worry. Like parent company Rogers. So what makes Chat-R different from their parent company? Nothing in my view.

So they've done the research for you, the results are in. With Chat-R you should worry. And worry about their PR team putting these slogans together...

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