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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Toronto Blue (and Rogers Red) Jays

As I read the paper this morning I came across the news that the Toronto Blue Jays will be making a uniform change for the 2012 season. As we here at MobileVantage are huge Jay fans, this article certainly piqued my interest. In an effort to be more patriotic and further cement the Jays' place as "Canada's Team" (not difficult considering Toronto has the ONLY Canadian team), the new uniforms will likely utilize more maple leaf images and the colour red. Of course, this move is in no way a not-so-subtle branding effort by Rogers (slight sarcasm). Rogers Red would be a nice touch, and if the new "patriotic" jerseys sell more, then I guess that's a win-win, right? More fans, more revenue, more ability to attract better players with more lucrative contracts, right? Either way, as long as it's just the jerseys that are changing, and they stay the "Toronto Blue Jays", I'm all for it. But if this is just the first step in a series of steps that leads to the team's name being changed to the "Toronto Rogers Six Gig Data Plans", then we have a problem.


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