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Friday, July 8, 2011

Top 5 FREE BlackBerry Apps

Ya ya ya, we've all heard how awful the BlackBerry app store is. BUT, that doesn't mean you can't find fun and/or useful free apps on there. If you don't have these already and own a BlackBerry, download them now! Woohooo!

1. Score Mobile
I know a lot of people like to use TSN Mobile or ESPN Mobile when it comes to checking sports scores and catching up on sporting news. However, I've tried 'em all and still keep coming back to Score Mobile. It was one of the first BlackBerry apps I ever downloaded so a slight bias is apparent. But I'm partial to the layout, the number of sports covered (how else would I check curling scores?), the wide array and quality of news articles, and the "Blog" feature which lets you chat in real time (only a slight hit to your data) with other people following the same game as you. Plus, the yellow and blue "S" icon on my Berry's home screen is oh so pleasing to the eye.

2. Google Mobile
This is one I use all the time, as it's an all-in-one app that includes Gmail, Google Maps (far superior to RIM's proprietary "Maps" app....StreetView on your phone?!?!? Heck yes!), Google Sync, and direct links to the ever-useful Google Docs, Picasa, reader, etc. 

3. WeatherEye (The Weather Network App)
My favourite for checking up on the weather. A key feature of this app is how the icon itself changes to display what the weather is like, so you can quickly check on it without even loading WeatherEye!

4. Twitter
God I love Twitter. I used to use TweetDeck, but found it to be a bit clunky on the mobile (it's great for using on the computer though). Recent Twitter software updates really ramped up the operating system in my opinion, and I now find this standard Twitter app to be the best way to send and receive tweets. Happy Tweeting!

5. BubbleBirds
I'm not a huge BlackBerry gamer, but figured I had to throw in at least one game here to round out the list. BubbleBirds is exactly like good ol' Bubble Shooter, but with Birds! And if I've learned anything from Angry Birds and/or Tiny Wings, it's that the general app-consuming public LOVES Birds. BubbleBirds narrowly beat out "Pixelated", a simple and fun, yet maddeningly difficult puzzle game for 5th spot on this list.

-FourSquare (if you're not playing FourSquare yet, start NOW. And add Griffin Thomson - Toronto as a friend! Check this out!)
-Globe and Mail News App
-Yellow Pages
-MySpace (haha just kidding. Who uses MySpace these days? Other than Justin Timberlake I mean...)

Feel free to comment if you have any favourite apps of your own!


ps, stay tuned for a Top 5 FREE iPhone Apps list from our resident iPhone expert, Ted Gorsline.

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