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Monday, June 27, 2011

Mobilicity's "National Break Your Wireless Contract Day"

My favourite Mobile News and Reviews blog, had an article posted on June 21st, regarding a new Mobilicity promotion entitled, "National Break Your Wireless Contract Day". After reading this article I did some more digging into the offer and was quite intrigued by it. These "National Holiday" promotions seem to be all the rage at the moment, and this particular Mobilicity effort does a fantastic job of zeroing in on their target market. Mobilicity has done well targeting those Rogers/Bell/Telus customers who are unhappy with their current provider, but feel trapped by a lack of available alternatives and high switching costs. Well not only does this promotion remind customers that there IS in fact an alternative, but it also effectively lowers said switching costs. On "National Break Your Wireless Contract Day" the exorbitant cancellation costs you incur when you "port-in" from another provider are effectively decreased substantially, in the form of a $200 credit on your new Mobilicity account. After a week or so of eagerly anticipating how the "holiday" would play out, the results are finally in and they appear to be rather favourable. As this post notes, Mobilicity's CEO Dave Dobbin tweeted that thousands of new customers joined the provider. When you look at Dobbin's tweet archive, several take note of the "thousands" who signed up, citing the promotion as a big success that made for a "crazy day". Not bad, and definitely a step in the right direction for them. While their service range and quality is still prohibitive for any customer who must travel and/or conduct important phone calls (word is Mobilicity has issues with dropped calls and overall call quality), they have proven themselves to be a major player in attracting youth and those who spend the vast majority of their time in Canadian city centers. While I could never recommend Mobilicity's services to many of the business clients that MobileVantage currently works for, I need to give them serious props for this creative and very effective marketing tactic. Nice work guys.


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