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Monday, June 20, 2011

Exciting Times at MobileVantage

We here at MobileVantage are excited for three reasons (please excuse the shameless self promotion):

1) We recently saved a client over $100,000 over the course of their cell phone term. This client was a small contracting company from the GTA, and we had a fantastic time working for them! We're very proud of the work we were able to do, and know how much it means for their business to have an extra $100,000 to use how they see fit.

2) We'll be attending PACKEX, a Toronto expo for packaging and processing. This will be a great opportunity for us to meet with fellow business owners, clients, and friends, and hopefully learn a little bit about how some other small businesses have been able to grow and prosper. We also hope to get the MobileVantage brand out there a bit more and build our network! It should be a great time and we're looking forward to it. If you'll be attending PACKEX make sure you come over and say hello.

3) The HTC "Treat Truck" is coming to Toronto! As, a great telecom/hardware blog posted (, the truck will be handing out frozen treats to people on the street over 6 days in Toronto. As a means to promote the HTC Incredible S, the "Treat Truck" is a bit of a confusing branding strategy. But as I've always said, "when it comes to building your brand, giving out free ice cream is never a bad idea". It will also allow customers to sign up for the chance to win concert tickets, sports tickets, and even the phone itself, which I suppose is where the real brand benefit is generated. ANYWAY, it should be a great way to get some free ice cream, and lord knows I'll be first in line to get my "Treat Truck" Itzakadoozie. Those are delicious.


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