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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rogers #Winning Again...

With much bravado that one would expect from the democratic and consumer friendly Rogers on February 9th of this year announced their long awaited and heralded 'data sharing plan.' Of course the skeptics were right in predicting that one can't share anything with Rogers unless there is a fee involved and the price has been set at $10.00 per device after you select certain 'shareable' data plans. (Not anything can be shared after all!)

For a great indepth critique of data for all read MobileSyrup's article by Ian Hardy. Hardy breaks down the costs and explains how the usual $35.00 6 gig is all of a sudden $60.00. And with the added charges of $10.00 per device its completely useless to share your data plan unless you intend to use the internet about as much as you use morse code.

Fast forward to March 3rd. Apple announces the new Ipad2 but more importantly Ios 4.3.

I'm going to come back to this announcement but first speak want to tell you about my own iphone usage:

I used to be on the old 500 megabyte data plan but recently upgraded to the 6 gig realizing that my data usage was higher than most peoples. Or so I thought. Being someone who comes across a lot of folks cell phone usage, I've noticed other people in similar data usage brackets as myself and have recommend those incurring overages to upgrade to the 6 gig. (The 6 gig is no longer on the Rogers website and you are either on the 500 meg, 1 gig, 2 gig or 5 gig plan now.)

For most of us we aren't going to use the excess data that is alloted to us. So what do you do with it if you aren't sharing it:

Apple introduces: Personal Hotspot

There's your answer, all of a sudden to 'share' your data, you don't need a Rogers data plan, you don't even need a 3G ipad. All you need is your iphone. Doesn't matter which carrier you're with or even what kind of device it is: ipad, ipod, laptop, tablet, tabtop (its coming... you heard it here first).

So for those of you have an iphone 4 and the share plan. I suggest you cancel it. For those of you who are considering the data share plan: don't. Now two of the major platforms support mobile hotspots (iphone and Android).

Which begs the question: Who will use the Rogers Data Share Plan....

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