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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Don't Wait, Re-Negotiate

The Importance of Re-Negotiating, Quickly.

When did you last look really look at your last cell phone bill. I'm talking not just the amount and how much they dinged you for long distance.

I'm talking getting into the line by line which calls are costing you what and where. The devil is in the details unfortunately and as it slides month by month, so too do your savings and that cash that could have otherwise been in your pocket. Lets not forget that every dollar spent or every minute gone 'over' is also subject to HST.

The point is that each month as your cell phone bill remains left and not looked at, the longer it festers and gets infected. No not the kind of infection that will kill you, but the kind of infection that takes unnecessary money out of your pocket. Saving $20.00 per month is $240.00 per year.

Lets look at some of the realities of your cell phone contract:

1) It sucks to call your carrier to talk to them
They've made it annoying to talk to them, to remain on hold and to actually find someone to help you.

2) Their billing system is complicated and understanding it is difficult
In order to look for billing errors it takes a concerted effort to actually find any billing errors and combined with point 1 its nearly impossible

3) The most important date of your cell contract is when you get free phones:
Eventually, we will lose, break/damage or just WANT a new phone. When that happens we will sign a new contract and go forth from there.

4) Life goes on
You have better things to do than worry about your cell phone bill

The combination of these realities is such that the sooner you renegotiate the better. Too often it gets put to the back burner.

No longer, give MobileVantage a shout and get the savings you deserve.

Make your last cell phone bill, the last one you overpay on.

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