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Friday, November 5, 2010

Wireless Complaints on the rise!

Hey, just a quick post here. Check out this article:

Some really interesting points in this article, with the key theme being a rise in the number of customers who complain to their wireless providers (and with good reason!). Here are the points that caught my eye:

-In the current report, Bell Canada had 1,428 complaints, Telus had 657 and Rogers had 540. Wind Mobile, operating since late 2009, had one complaint. - I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Bell has terrible customer service, deceptive billing, and some questionable conduct for such a large company. That inflated number of complaints is pretty good evidence of my assertion. That's a key reason as to why I think Rogers will keep their top spot in Canadian Telecom, and will overcome their struggles as of late.

-Canada’s Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) reported Thursday that wireless carriers were the target of more than half the roughly 3,700 complaints it received between August 2009 and July 2010. - If you read between the lines here, you'll realize that the complaint figures mentioned above were those directed to the CCTS. Imagine the number of complaints that went right to Bell, Rogers, and Telus WITHOUT going to the CCTS. And how severe must the complaints be for them to be taken to the CCTS? I shudder to think...

-Canadians are registering more complaints about cellphone contracts and billing information because of a flood of overly complex or confusing options and company errors. - This is exactly where MobileVantage fits in! I hate to toot our own horn here, but helping our customers make sense of the complexity they see in their bills and plan options, along with removing and refunding company errors is EXACTLY what MobileVantage can help with. Plus, we do this while we help out clients lower their cell bills.

After reading this article I can only imagine that our services must be very, very in demand at the moment. I mean, look at all those complaints! Look at what we can do to ameliorate them! Now if only we can find a way to adequately get the word out...Anyone have any ideas? If you have any suggestions or ideas on how to generate some hype and interest in MobileVantage, feel free to tweet @griffinthomson, respond to this post, email me at, or even give us a call at 416-561-1143. We have a lot of marketing initiatives at the moment, but I'm always interested in hearing about new marketing avenues worth exploring. Moreover, we'll have an advertisement in the December edition of the Toronto Business Times (, so pick up a copy and check us out!

Thanks for reading and as always it's been a pleasure. Take care and happy saving!

-Griffin Thomson

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