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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Your Network Options

Hey MobileVantagers,

Hands up out there if your cellular service provider is Rogers. Everyone who uses Bell put your hands up as well. Now Telus and Fido. Chances are, that based on Canadian Telecom market share numbers almost everyone should have their hands in the air now. The Canadian telecom industry has historically been one marked by low customer choice in the face of a select few monolithic, oligopolistic corporations. But as many of you are probably starting to find out, we have seen an influx of competitors since the industry underwent significant deregulation several years ago. Wind Mobile, Koodo, Mobilicity; you've probably seen their retail outlets, television commercials, newspaper advertisements, and billboards. While their inception has served to provide added confusion in the process of getting a cell phone and a plan, we as customers must be thankful for the increased competition in this industry. Most importantly, the entrance of these smaller telecom providers will help reduce the prices of cellular plans and hardware. These companies do not have the advertising and network clout that giants such as Rogers and Bell have, so are more likely to offer better deals to attract customers. That being said, the mere presence of these lower-cost providers will also serve to reduce the prices of plans from the aforementioned "giant" providers, as they must remain cost-competitive. This situation is certainly quite favourable for us here at MobileVantage, as it really enhances the "bargaining chips" that we have in renegotiating your plans. Say you are a heavy long distance user who pays over a hundred dollars a month for your phone bill. If Rogers or Bell know we have the option to cancel your existing plan and switch it to Wind Mobile or Mobilicity for a cheaper one, they are practically forced to offer us a lower price as a result. We've seen this play out several times already, leading to enhanced savings for our customers. For example, putting this "we can switch to Wind" bargaining chip in play was partly responsible for us being able to save one small business client nearly $16,000 CAD over the course of their three-year contract. We don't like to brag, but I must admit we're pretty darn proud of those savings!

The amazing thing is, there are more and more cellular options popping up everyday. When it comes to hardware you can choose between the iPhone (4? 3GS? 3G? It's up to you!), a myriad of different BlackBerrys, an Android Phone, a Windows Mobile phone, or from an incredible variety of non-smartphones. As for providers, while not as vast as the hardware choices there are a growing number of options available. You've certainly heard of Loblaws and their private brand President's Choice, right? Well have you heard of PC Mobile? Now you can buy your groceries, rent some movies, buy new clothes, do your banking, AND sign up for a new cell phone contract all in one trip to a Loblaws grocery store! Or how about 7Eleven? With their "Speak Out Wireless", the well-known convenience store chain has just thrown their hat in as one of the newbloods in the Canadian Telecom industry. My point is that there is so much choice out there, so why not take advantage of it? If you don't believe me, then just check out the list of Canada's current providers here: . And if you're still confused about how to get the most cost-effective cell plan that fits your needs, don't hesitate to contact MobileVantage (visit Thanks for reading, and happy telecomming! Adios


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