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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cellular Savings: Made Simple

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We all know that Canadians pay the highest wireless rates in the developed world. This is all old news to us, especially those of us who are paying over $100.00 per month for the same low value plan that seemingly is all overages and no plan.

So where do you turn? The difference between adding on new features to mitigate overages versus incurring overages is marginal at best. Features that will dramatically decreases long distance charges cost over $30.00 (Unlimited Canadian Long Distance)

The best value isn't from plans that you can get in stores. Unless you are someone who is disciplined enough to call the same 5 numbers every month, the rest of us will pay the overages and just grin and bear it.

The best value comes from re-negotiating your plan by leveraging yourself into better, more affordable contracts.

Before you do this consider these 3 realities:

1) Understand Your Usage
If you only use 400 minutes per month, you likely don't need that My5 plan. Find a plan that gives you a bit of a minute cushion in case you go over.

2) You'll Catch More Flies with Honey
Be nice. The days of your telecom customer service rep being in a faraway place are over. Ask about your representative's day, who they are cheering for in the playoffs, did they watch Canada beat the US in hockey, what the weather is like in their part of the country. Believe it or not these are leveling thoughts that connect you to your provider through a humanizing relationship instead of a business one and of course.... better deals.

3) Be Open to a Contract Extension
A good deal speaks for itself. With so much volatility in the telecom sector right now your biggest bargaining chip is the contract extension. I often see friends of mine upgrading their phone and extending their contracts before they re-negotiate. Reverse the order.... Re-negotiate- then upgrade. The reason is that you gamble away your bargaining chip if you simply upgrade first. Whereas if you extend your contract for a new plan, you are still able to upgrade that phone.

More to come: thank you for checking out my blog!


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